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We desided not to book "Private Sailing Charters" Anymore, but instead list the best sailing businesses in Monterey you can call directly from here on! 

Below find our recommendations for sailing cruises offered from three sailing companies and their contact information:

We have been here since 1999, and reserve our educated opinion on all parties listed below, since we are not competitors.

Carrera Sailing 

Carrera Sailing offers small group charters up to 6 people, where one can participate or sit back and relax while enjoying the beauty of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary with the original sailing charter company in Monterey!

Gene O'Maley, is and has been the oldest sailing company in Monterey. Captain O'Maley is a world Class Sailor. He sailed around the world a few times in his life. He has the most sailing experience! Feel save with him! His cruises are especially awesome for customers that want to experience a real sailing!!

You can find his contact information at:

(831) 375-0648

Bella on the Bay!!


Sailing & Wildlife Tours

Bella charters is not just about a big beautiful luxury sailing yacht. Its meant to truly give you an experience. Whether you just want to hang out and chill in a quiet spot on the boat or engage, participate, and even take the helm. She is fast, very fun, and easy to sail. Relax and take in the sights and sounds of our majestic Monterey Bay Sanctuary. 6 guests at a time is the max , even though she sleeps 8, so there is plenty of room for everyone to relax, participate or hang on. I work with what mother nature gives us each day and there is no set agenda or float plan until we leave the harbor except for everyone to be safe and have a great time. So feel free to let loose and have fun as if Bella was yours and we are your crew to sail and serve you all your goodies while we are under way.

Definitely a world class sailor. He also sailed his beutiful luxury yacht all over the world!!


[email protected]

No Online Booking Available!

Please call 818-822-2390

Last and not least, the new out of town sailing company that just got their captains license a year back, and never even left the Monterey Bay!  Sail Monterey, LLC, they call themselves??? Some outfit from L.A. They got the perfect Grandma/Grandpa rides on their little Catamaran. They are to insecure to go even past the "One-Mile-Boyee" in the Monterey Bay. They baught our old company and unfortunately made a joke out of it. But, if you prefer just too look at the Del Monte Beach close-up and sit without wind in the water to have a drink, Yes, their definitely it!!

Here is their contact:

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Why Us?

Monterey Sailing & Boat Charters is located in Monterey California.

At Monterey Boat Charters, we are focused on providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of private cruises to choose from, we're sure you will have a great time on the Monterey Bay.

We are home to the most bio-diverse, bio-dense ecosystems on the continent. On every charter, you will be enjoying a large variety of mammals such as dolphins, whales, sea-lions, and our favorite - the local Monterey Sea Otter.